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If you are like most of us, one of the most important factors when purchasing any property, including downtown Sarasota condos, is the price range. Amenities are very important, as is location, but its your affordable price range which ultimately dictates to many which of Sarasota’s fantastic downtown condos they can afford. In this area you are able to search by a price range which makes you comfortable. If a specific unit, location or amenities are more what you are looking for,then scroll down and you will be able to search exactly what you are looking for, by that criteria. Enjoy the search for your perfect downtown Sarasota condo. And remember, we are here to help, should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Browse Downtown Sarasota Condos for Sale by Thumbnails

There are so many fantastic downtown Sarasota condos for sale and here is exactly where you are going to see them all! Click on any of the gorgeous Sarasota condo properties below to see an incredible amount of condo information, downloadable floor plans, pictures as well as the units in that condo which are currently for sale! Information is power, so come get informed. Let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

Show Me Sarasota's Pet Friendly Condos

To many,  a very important requirement in finding one’s perfect downtown Sarasota condo is to make sure it is pet-friendly. Just as with any family member, Spot and Laddie need to be accommodated for. Luckily, Sarasota has many pet friendly condos. Usually, it takes quite a few phone calls and research to find Sarasota’s pet-friendly condos. Now, all one has to do is click to find all the pet friendly condos in Sarasota. Once you find your perfect property, let us know. We will make sure you get Boots her purrfect home. – Matthew Morris / (941)

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“We live in Sarasota but really wanted to get a condo downtown. Knowing the area gave us an advantage, but this site told us EVERYTHING we needed to know about the condos, and after wandering around the site for about 5 hours, we decided on a different property than we initially thought. So much information on this site, its a must for anyone looking to purchase a condo in Sarasota. Matt was so helpful and accommodating, he made the entire process an actual pleasure.”
Susan M


Downtown Sarasota condos for sale – The first step, when considering your ideal downtown Sarasota condo, is to gather as much information as possible on all of the downtown Sarasota condos available. This includes reading descriptions, viewing detailed images, watching condo specific videos and downloading condo floor plans, amenities sheets, and site plans. Are you looking for a condo property directly in downtown Sarasota, such as 100 Central, 1350 Main or Plaza Five Points; or are the fabulous bay views of a La Bellasara, VUE Sarasota or an Aqua, higher on your list of desires? Are you searching for a pet-friendly condo, one close to area beaches, or is being able to dock your boat in your backyard, your idea of Sarasota condo perfection? Each person has unique and specific ideas of what would comprise their perfect Sarasota condo. Luckily Sarasota residents reside in a city which delivers a multitude of possibilities.

There are over 70 different condominiums which grace the Sarasota skyline.  Each property boasts their own set of strengths, so the challenge becomes being able to easily compare and contrast features, locations and price range all in one place. An exhausting amount of work has been invested in this site giving one over 12 years of reference and research on the downtown Sarasota condo market. This information is essential when considering which of Sarasota’s condos will be a comfortable fit. That being said, we invite you to scroll down, or search above, and identify your ideal Sarasota condo property. Should you have additional questions, regarding any of these properties, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you are in town and want to visit one or more of these projects, we are happy to help and look forward to speaking with you.

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Welcome to Downtown Sarasota Condos for sale, Sarasota’s premier downtown  condo information site. The city of Sarasota is alive with beauty, culture, and development, and Downtown Sarasota is at the heart of it all. Downtown Sarasota Condos is an extensive catalog of the gorgeous array of downtown condos Sarasota has to offer. Whether you’re relocating to the Suncoast for work, looking to secure a sun-drenched condo to escape the winter months, or investing in a second Sarasota property, Downtown Sarasota Condos for sale is a wealth of information, brought to you by people who know this city best.

Downtown Sarasota Condo Reviews

One of the most telling ways to find out accurate information about anything is to listen to what others have to say. This is true whether you are purchasing a car, or buying a downtown Sarasota condo. This is exactly why we wanted to provide you with the below Reviews area. We are going to be working hard to get those who live in each of these downtown Sarasota condos to take a few moments and write a review of their property; the Pros AND the Cons. This will help you in your decision as you will be reading honest opinions of those who know best; the owners themselves. Below you will find a few random property reviews. You will find that each individual Sarasota condo property page has its own specific review area, and one can click Read All Reviews to be shown ALL of the Sarasota condo reviews in one list. Information is power and it’s this information which will ultimately lead you to make the correct decision when purchasing your dream downtown Sarasota condo. Enjoy your search and remember, please let us know if we can help you in any way, or if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

Recent Ratings & Reviews

Palm Avenue Villas Sarasota Condos

Steven G

Loved our stay. Can\'t wait to come back. Will look into another of the downtown condos. We want to see what else is out there.


Its close proximity to all the activity on Palm


I\'ve found some of the traffic to be a bit annoying, but not to the point that it made things not enjoyable.

Phoenix Sarasota Condos

Jenny B

I love the Phoenix. Plan on being here for a long time.


The views are to die for. I especially like the views of Sarasota bridge


Some of the traffic, getting out of Golden Gate Point, but I\'m reaching here. Its not that bad.

Sarabande Sarasota Condos

Trudy B

Very happy with our purchase I would recommend sarabande to anybody interested in living downtown.


I love the people in this building as well as the size of my unit, the spectacular views and the amenities. Of course being so close at downtown doesn\'t hurt either.


If I had to get really nitpicky and shoes a con I guess I would say parking, although there is a very secure parking area with assigned spaces. I just don\'t like my car getting Dusty.

San Marco Sarasota Condos

Mary Ann W.

Very happy with San Marco. It was an excellent purchase for us and really fits our needs.


It\'s very hard to find over 2000 square feet for the price that we got here in San Marco. The locations fantastic and only a 15 minutes walk to the library. The management here has been exceptional during the five years we have lived here.


There is some noise of 41, but that\'s to be expected and really is not a big deal. We just closed our patio doors and the sound disappears.

The Downtown Sarasota Condo Lifestyle


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Sarasota Condo Sales Questions?

We want to thank you for utilizing our downtown Sarasota condos for sale website and hope it assisted you with gaining the information you needed to make your very important Sarasota condo purchase decision. Should you have any questions, in regards to this site, or any of Sarasota’s fantastic condo properties, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy your stay and your purchase of your desired downtown Sarasota condos for sale.

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