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Welcome to Sarasota, spectacular real estate, and especially the Golden Gate Point condos. Sarasota is home to sparkling seas, white sand beaches, arts, culture, fine dining, and a thriving downtown area.

The Golden Gate Point condos offer a variety of luxurious properties, joining many fantastic existing downtown condos, with more in development every day. Situated at a bustling center of shops, restaurants, theaters, museums, and breath-taking waterfront vistas, Golden Gate Point and Downtown Sarasota are the places to be.


Welcome to Downtown Sarasota FL Condos, Sarasota’s premier condo information site. The city of Sarasota is alive with beauty, culture, and development, and Downtown Sarasota is at the heart of it all. Downtown Sarasota Condos is an extensive catalog of the gorgeous array of downtown condos Sarasota has to offer. Whether you’re relocating to the Suncoast for work, looking to secure a sun-drenched condo to escape the winter months, or investing in a second Sarasota property, Downtown Sarasota FL Condos is a wealth of information on Sarasota condos, brought to you by people who know this city best.

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Home to an impressive number of theaters, concert venues, and museums, Sarasota boasts a progressive and dynamic arts scene that’s reflected in everything from our… More about Sarasota Arts >


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downtown sarasota condos for sale


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downtown sarasota condos for sale


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downtown sarasota condos for sale


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downtown sarasota condos for sale


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downtown sarasota condos for sale


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Spectacular Golden Gate Point Condos

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