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Everybody loves options and searching for some of downtown Sarasotas condos is no different. You will notice that you have a feature search feature above, directly below you can search via individual critera and under that yet a third way; by images of the condo properties themselves. We have laid this page out this way as we know that different people like to search for what they want, in different ways. Choose which way is best for you and choose your perfect condo!

Sarasota Condos for Sale

The first step before looking for Sarasota condos for sale is to become as informed as possible. This requires one carefully researching all aspects of the property including price, location and amenities, just to name a few. Downtown Sarasota Condos is a site created to do just that. Its designed to provide you with ALL of Sarasota’s condo information right up front, so when you contemplate buying a condo, you will do so knowing exactly what you will be getting. Buying a downtown Sarasota condo can and should be a very pleasant experience.

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Featured Downtown Sarasota Condos

There are some fantastic Sarasota condos for sale and in this section we are going to highlight a few proporties at a time. Please take a few moments to check this section out each week. We are going to be highlighting different condo units, with links to pictures, descriptions, downloadable floor plans and much more. There are many Sarasota condos for sale out there; lets find you yours.


aqua downtown sarasota condos

Uniquely situated directly on Sarasota Bay, Aqua is an exclusive, modern 9-story condo that brings together iconic style, elegance and world class luxury. [read more]


kanaya downtown sarasota condos

Kanaya is a 35 unit, health inspired, exclusive residential complex situated in downtown Sarasota., incorporating eco-smart technologies. Conveniently [read more]



In a world class location, Allure embodies a lifestyle where contemporary flair meets unrivaled elegance. Delight in the uniqueness of Golden Gate Point… [read more]

Burns Court Villas

burns court villas downtown sarasota condos

Enclosed by a private garden wall, Burns Court Villas offers 23 two and three story villa homes that looks over the expansive Italian village courtyard.. [read more]

Sarasota Condos for Sale Blog

Sarasota Condos for Sale - What Style are you Looking For?

It can be a challenge sometimes to find luxurious condo properties which take your furry companions. Not anymore.. click and be shown all condos which accept pets.

There are those who feel downtown is their best location, and many who would much rather live by the water. Click to the left and find where those condo units are.

Somoe people just need a lot of space. Luckily there are a number of condo properties here, in gorgeous Sarasota, which can accomodate that need. Click to find out which ones.

Which of downtown Sarasota’s condos are newer, as in post 2011? Hard to say, unless you click on every one and check; until now! Click and view Sarasota’s newer condo properties.

Remember those folks above who wanted to find a Sarasota condo on the water? Well, you may be one who wants your piece of Sarasota luxury downtown. Click here and find your perfect unit.

Sarasota condos come in many different styles, from the typical highrise units all the way to the classic stylings of villas and townhomes. Click to find those gems.

Want to live in Sarasota, but your budget isn’t as large as you would like to it be? click and see what Sarasota condos fall in at under $200,000.

Sarasota has condo units for most every price range, although most tend to tip the scales at the upper ends. In the $200K to $500K range? Click here and see whats available.

The $500k to $800k range starts to give buyers more options. This price range will get one closer to the water, or in more downtown, depending on where one wants to be.

Add $200K over the previous $800k cap and one has now catapulted ones self into a better buying position, with many more luxurious downtown Sarasota condo options.

Searching in the one to two milion dollar range will definately show you some beautiful downtown Sarasota condos. Want water? Want downtown? At this price range you can get either.

Click here to see downtown Sarasota condos which tip the scales at price tages of over two million dollars. Definately going to see some spectacular properties at this range!

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